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The German Shepherd in Agility

german shepherd jumping agility hurdle
Agility is both fun and challenging for German Shepherds and their handlers.

Agility offers you and your dog a great way to learn how to build a working relationship and bond. Both handler and dog must work together in order to successfully navigate the courses.

Agility also offers you a way to train and exercise your dog at the same time. Helping to keep your German Shepherd in tip top shape extends the life of your dog too.

One of the benefits of getting involved in agility is it is easier to find a club, training center, or trainer that offers agility classes or individual instruction. Both the American Kennel Club and the United Kennel Club offer sanctioned agility trials.

German Shepherds Excel at Agility

As with all dog sports there are always going to be "the breeds" that people choose. Agility is no exception and the vast majority of agility dogs are Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, and other fast herding breeds like the Blue Heeler. That does not mean the German Shepherd is sum slug easily beaten though.

German Shepherds are fast, agile, intelligent, and a lot more nimple on their toes than some people give them credit far. Agility helps highlight the athletic ability of the breed.

Agility requires both the handler and the dog to be in tune with one another. The German Shepherds handler oriented personality gives you the advantage over independent breeds or breeds that are known for being "hard headed."

Of course you need to be in shape and have the basics of training down before you get started too.

Getting Started in Agility

Agility clubs and training centers are quite easy to find throughout the world. Here is a list of online resources to help you get started.

The United States Dog Agility Association

North American Dog Agility Council

American Kennel Club Agility Information

United Kennel Club Agility Information

Make your own agility course for fun with the following 5 Piece Agility Sets.

To check out Agility 5-piece Starter Set #1 click here.
To check out Agility 5-piece Starter Set #2 (w/Tire Jump) click here.

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