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German Shepherd Health Care

Regular visits to the vet, good all natural (grain free) diet, plenty of exercise outdoors, and quality rest all contribute to keeping your German Shepherd happy and healthy.

The following articles will share with you information regarding all of these topics and more. Like our training articles the health section is updated often.

Current Health Care Articles

How Important is Exercise? We know regular exercise is important but how often should you exercise your GSD? What kinds of exercise give you the most "bang for your buck?" Learn the answers to these questions and more.

Joint Problems and How to Avoid Them. Joint health is important. Health problems like hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia are common among German Shepherds.

Buying a Proper Dog Bed for Your German Shepherd Giving your GSD a proper bed to sleep on can prolong life, help with possible joint issues, and help them recover from a hard days work faster. Learn more about how to select a killer dog bed here.

von Willebrands Disease. This is a hereditary disease found in German Shepherds and is a type of hemophilia in dogs.

The Best Diet for Your German Shepherd. A high quality diet is critical to keeping your GSD in top shape. Learn more about appropriate canine diets here.

Dog Treadmills. Canine Treadmills or dog mills are built specifically for dogs to run on. While using a human treadmill is an alternative they are not specifically designed for the gait of a dog like canine treadmills are. They are safer for your dog to use because of the specific design.

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