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Free Training Articles for German Shepherd Owners

german shepherd training articles

German Shepherds are incredibly smart. Dog training has evolved to such a degree that harsh methods are no longer needed.

German Shepherd owners are finding they can train their dogs for even the most complicate tasks without using force.

The articles on this page cover basic obedience behaviors and behavior problem solving using the most upto date dog training and behavior modification techniques available today.

Current Training Articles

Why Every German Shepherd Should Learn to Come When Called. Teaching your dog to come when called is without a doubt the most important behavior you will ever teach. This article shares a fun twist on teaching your dog to come when called.

Dog Training Methods Explained. The following article shares the differences between the various dog training methods available and how to pick the one best suited for you and your dog.

Solving Your German Shepherds Behavior Problems. Almost all GSD owners address their dogs behavior problems wrong. Learn how to help solve your dog's behavior issues more effectively by following a few simple steps.

Clicker Training. Training your German Shepherd using a clicker is highly effective and can speed up your dogs training.

Should You Use a Training Collar? This article covers popular training collars and will help you choose the proper training collar for your dog.

Teaching Your German Shepherd Not to Jump Up. Jumping up is one of the most annoying behavior issues you will face as a German Shepherd owner. The key to teaching your German Shepherd not to jump is the focus of this article.

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