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Potty Training A German Shepherd Puppy

8 week old German Shepherd puppy
Puppies do not have the ability to hold their potty very long. Setting a schedule is a great way to help prevent accidents.

Waking up to poop in the floor or a urine soaked sock is not fun. Potty training your German Shepherd puppy can either be hard and frustrating or it can be easy and smooth.

You should first understand that your puppy will have accidents in the house. Accidents are nearly impossible to avoid. With that said what you want to focus on is how to contain those accidents and keep them from becoming a problem.

Each time your puppy goes to the bathroom in the house your potty training is set back three to four days. Obviously you do not want to allow your puppy to use the bathroom in the house.

In order to help minimize accidents and teach your puppy that going outside is good thing you will need to have a plan. The following tips will help you develop an effective potty training plan.

Potty Training a Puppy Made Easy

As mentioned earlier your puppy will have accidents. They will pee and poop in the house. Your job is not to get angry with them or try to punish them for doing something that nature tells them to do. You should be patient and do your best to prevent accidents in the house.

Steps to Successful Potty Training:

  • Set up a puppy pen that includes a crate, dog bed, and allows you to adjust the size of the pen over time.

  • Set a schedule that allows you to take your puppy outside often.

  • Take your puppy to the same area every time you take them outside.

  • Give them plenty of time to go. If it takes 45 minutes then it takes 45 minutes.

  • Do not punish your puppy for accidents. Punishment is ineffective.

  • If you catch your puppy going inside simply pick them up and take them outside.

  • Praise your puppy when they go outside.

Remember to focus on containing accidents and minimizing them. Not trying to punish your puppy for making mistakes. If you follow the above tips you will find potty training your German Shepherd puppy easy, effective, and stress free.

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